Thursday, January 10, 2008

Las Vegas' MySpace marketing might

Ben Tinsley writes:

An increasing number of local businesses and area aficionados are taking their enthusiasm and excitement about Sin City to the Internet.

Their self-appointed task is attracting tourists and promoting local industry on their respective MySpace pages. And they're doing it with great gusto.

The result is an interconnecting, massive, and quite lively community on the World Wide Web dedicated to helping the city thrive and grow.

Aaron Auxier, 34, likes to use MySpace as a bully pulpit to correct mistaken news reports. He describes his job as a celebrity high-rise consultant with the Luxury Realty Group.

Auxier, who runs the "Vegas Condo Scene" MySpace site, often sends out letters to area media urging them to join him in his efforts to help the public better understand the Strip. Auxier said he gets 100 friend applications on his MySpace page each week.

"The key to the whole thing is original content," Auxier said. "It's a full time job. If you're not constantly providing updated and new information, people aren't going to pay attention."

One site, simply dubbed "Las Vegas" is run by an individual who only identifies himself as "Mr. Vegas." It's credited with having 100 views a day.

"I started this page for the general information of the world," Mr. Vegas said in an e-mail. "There was no MySpace page at all that answered questions about the past, present and also some future things. I thought it would be fun to do a page here for people."

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